Ronald Farris Trent 03/30/1937 - 08/09/2004

As I pass through the door of life, I see before me green meadows and mountain lakes. I hear the wind whisper through the trees and the laughter of children. The sun shines on the mountainside illuminating the giant pines. As I look back through the door, I see the faces of all whom I have loved and have loved me. Tender is the sadness of this moment. Peace and grace surround me. Comforts me.
Though I walk through this valley, I see no shadows. Feel no need to fear. Find no danger. I feel only the One who sent me out through the door into the world so long ago. He welcomes me back to this place of peace. This place where He dwells. I shall live here with Him for all time, and await the joyous reunion when those whom I have loved pass through the door of life, and return to here once again. I wait with those whom we have loved that are here now.
By Mike Trethowan 08/12/04

Ronald Farris Trent (Trethowan) born in Sacramento California, March 30, 1937. Ron the son of a British immigrant father and a mother who’s ancestry dates to the Mayflower was taken from us 12:45 pm August 9, 2004. Ron is survived by his wife Carol, his sister Diane Ray, his sons Mike Charles Trethowan, Ronald Max Trethowan, Eric Ferris Trent, and Grandchildren Vincent, Clare, Dana, and Celeste "Affectionately known by them as Grandpa Popeye," as well as many other family members. Ron loved his country, and proudly served in the US Army and Navy reserve. While working as a diesel mechanic, Ron raised his children teaching them the foundations of honesty and hard work. Ron’s life long dream had been to build a sailboat and sail the South Pacific. Ron and his wife Carol fulfilled this dream during his retirement. Ron will be dearly missed by all who knew and loved him. We love you Dad. We want to extend our gratitude to the caring staff of the "Hospice of Arizona."


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